Since its inception the internet has revolutionised the way people communicate, share, play, do business and learn. A good example of this is how we now watch movies, television series, documentaries and other such content. Before the coming of the Internet, television or radio were the traditional means by which such content was accessed. However the advent of online entertainment networks brought for new ways of viewing such content.

What is the .STREAM registry?

A perfect example of the opportunities brought about by the Internet is streaming. Streaming has already overtaken DVDs as a medium for such content, and is predicted to continue growing. However, access to the benefits and opportunities which the internet offers, such as online streaming, can often be hindered when navigating the ever-expanding sea of illegal, irrelevant and sometimes malicious content which also exists. It nevertheless offers a simple and available way of accessing the desired media, giving the individual the choice of content, which has a large availability and contains fewer advertisements that a normal broadcasting channel.